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I have worked alongside some of China’s most important contemporary authors, including:

杨红樱 Yang Hongying

Native of Szechaun, Yang Hongying is widely recognized as the Queen of Chinese children’s literature, the J. K. Rowling of China. Her novels have sold tens of millions of copies and have been translated into a number of foreign languages. She has been listed as one of the wealthiest Chinese writers since 2006. Some of her most beloved works include Diary of a Smiling Cat, Mo’s Mischief, and Silly Piglet.

An Interview with Women of China

曹文轩 Cao Wenxuan

Cao Wenxuan is the Vice President of the Beijing Writers Association, a Beijing University professor, and an internationally-acclaimed novelist and children’s literature writer. He holds the distinct honor of being the first Chinese author to have received the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Award (2016). His works celebrate the beautiful but difficult lives of children as they navigate the challenges and seeming injustices of life.

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黄蓓佳 Huang Beijia

Huang Beijia was born in 1955, in Jiangsu. She began publishing in the early 1970s, writing stories about the complicated lives of female characters. She publishes for both adult and young readers. Many of her books for children have garnered national and international praise, including the National Outstanding Children’s Literature Award, Soon Ching-ling Children’s Literature Prize and Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award. She was also recently nominated for the 2020 Hans Christian Andersen Award. She currently holds the office of Director and Vice-chairman of the Writers Association of Jiangsu Province and has been a member of the Chinese Writers Association since 1984.

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刘先平 Liu Xianping

Liu is a native of Anhui province and is regarded as the father of ecological literature. He worked as a teacher and editor before giving himself wholly to writing in the late 70s. He is a member of the China Writers Association, Children’s Literature Committee and other government positions. His wildly successful Legends of the Giant Panda was turned into a blockbuster animated feature.

Liu Xianping’s Nature Literature Studio

薛涛 Xue Tao

Native of Liaoning province, Xue Tao is considered by many to be one of the most accomplished undiscovered authors. His experience as an instructor and newspaper editor are evident in the detail and complexity he lends to his characters. His novels include Homing Pigeons, Fairy Flash and September Glacier. Xue Tao currently serves as a member of China Writer’s Association, Children’s Literature Committee and the Liaoning CPPCC.

Stirring Tribute to Liu’s Recent Work

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