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Cloe and the MountainSea
An ancient Chinese map is the gateway to MountainSea, a magical world the Yao family has been protecting for thousands of years. Cloe, Meili, Didi and their rascally monkey, Houhou, take up the old family business, leaving a stuffy antique shop in Brooklyn for the radiant canopy of Mount Que to defend MountainSea from the dark schemes of the Ink Blade Palace.

Forget Me by Xu Feng

Forget Me
Author Xu Feng spends years traveling between Europe, China and Taiwan, tracking down and interviewing everyone involved in the life of World War II hero, Qian Xiuling. What he uncovers are remarkably touching domestic vignettes of a woman who had all the talent and credentials of a public figure, but possessed more of the human affection and moral courage to make quiet decisions that saved dozens of innocent lives from the cruelty of the Nazis.

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